Plant maintenance coatings are very diverse in nature and very exacting in their requirements. Whether your painting a safety railing, machinery in a food processing plant, or a high-heat furnace hood, Complete Coverage can provide a tailored made cost-effective program to your plant maintenance requirements.

Complete Coverage prides itself on representing some of the most advanced and technically supportive plant maintenance coating providers. Ameron, Rustoleum, and Sico have all established indisputable reputations within the plant maintenance marketplace. Over the years, each of these companies has built their reputations by providing their customers with quality and reliable products, technical support and training, approved applicators, and cost-effective solutions to their problems.

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         Floor Coatings                   Epoxy Coatings

         High Heat Coatings          Specialized products

Complete Coverage can assist you in maintaining your industrial, retail or commercial facility as a safe and productive work environment.