Whether you are a professional painter or a general contractor, Complete Coverage can provide quality and reliable products to satisfy your job specific needs.

Our contractor division is focused around the Sico Expert product line which has been proven over time to be an extremely user-friendly and cost-effective paint and coating system. In order to satisfy all your requirements, we offer an excellent selection of complimentary paint and coating products as well as a complete line of paint sundries items.

The following products are readily available for pick-up from our Burlington location:

Interior Latex and Alkyd Primers
Exterior Latex and Alkyd Primers
Interior Latex and Alkyd Paints
Exterior Latex and Alkyd Paints
Concrete Paints and Coatings
Dry Fall
Anti-rust Paints
Sundry Products

In addition, an account with us allows the painter or contractor to pick up product at any of the Sico Depot locations in the Greater Toronto Area.